LONGi Solar hits 22.43% PERC cell conversion efficiency


Five months after hitting 22.17% efficiency with its mass production PERC cell technology, LONGi Solar has broken its own record, reaching 22.43%. The achievement is published in a test report released by CPVT.

LONGi’s financial reports show that it pumped 7.08% of its operating revenue into R&D in the first half of 2017, and the company’s stated aim is to maintain a leading edge in the research of cell and module technology.

“Our R&D team has always been committed to providing the industry and customers with the most efficient and cost-effective products,” says LONGi’s Vice President of Cell R&D Li Hua. “LONGi Solar made a breakthrough in the conversion efficiency of PERC cell products in a very short period of time. This proves the broad application prospect of mono-PERC cells, we will continue to improve product quality, and accelerate the advent of grid parity.”

In 2017 LONGi has also achieved module efficiency of 19.91%, confirmed by TÜV Rheinland. As monocrystalline products have increased their market share in recent years, LONGi Solar – a subsidiary of Xi’an Longi Silicon Materials, has quickly grown into a leading mono-PERC module maker, having been named by Bloomberg as a tier 1 supplier earlier in 2016.