Queensland opens tender for 400 MW renewables and 100 MW storage


The Queensland government in Australia has submitted an open tender calling for the development of 400 MW of large-scale renewables and 100 MW of energy storage projects. It has received 115 proposals from 79 different companies for the program.

Bids were placed on projects in a large range of technologies and energy storage projects. Among these were a 2200 MW wind energy project, a 6400 MW solar project, about 500 MW of other renewable energy technologies adding to 6,000 MW of energy storage projects.

Queensland Energy Minister Mark Bailey said: “Renewable energy and storage technology will play an important role in the transition to a lower carbon energy future and we are doing everything we can to ensure the benefits of this new investment flow into the Queensland economy.”

Bailey continued: “This is greater than the current 8,200 MW generated by coal-fired power stations and is further proof that Queensland does not need a new coal-fired power station being trumped by the LNP.”

“A number of these projects could be first of a kind in Queensland, including concentrated solar thermal technology which provides dispatchable energy supply – like the Crescent Dunes facility in the Nevada desert, powering Las Vegas overnight.”

The tender is scheduled to enter its final stage in November 2017.