UAE startup unveils floating structure for offshore PV


Floating Man, a floating structures specialist in Dubai, has introduced a novel structure for offshore floating solar applications. CEO Mehdi Honarvar told PV magazine that the company is currently negotiating contracts for the deployment of the system.

“We are looking for a location that allows us to start a pilot project,” Honarvar said. “This kind of technology is unique as we talk about open sea. Many countries are currently looking to shift their focus from ground PV to floating PV.”

The company said in a statement that the novel structure can withstand winds of up to 160 km/h, with a lifespan of 30 years. It features a steel structure and corrosion-resistance coating. It will be supported by 30 floating pontoons.

“Those pontoons can create the highest safety during wind and hurricane,” said Honarvar. “We also have a patent for offshore floating breakwater, which, among other use cases, can supply additional protection for floating solar projects.”

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Honavar said each floating platform has an area of 900 square meters x 32 meters x 28.12 meters. It can support up to 200 solar modules in capacities up to 700 W, with a total weight of 50,000 kg, including panels.

Developers can also install the panels at any angle, including bifacial modules, according to the company.

“Our floating solar structure is so designed that it prevents solar panels from flooding when exposed to 2-meter wave height and does not need a separate wave breaker,” the company said. “Also, the existing structure itself leads to wave cancellation of at least 45%. In case of high tides with high water level changes, there will be no problem.”

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