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Middle East

Researchers suggest using digested polymers for PV cell coatings, encapsulants

An international research team has proposed to use recyclable biomass-digested polymers as a material for PV coatings and encapsulants. The scientists developed a coating for PV cells that reportedly allows an increase in power output of up to 10%.

Crop-responsive PV tracking system for greenhouses

An international consortium led by Israel-based Al-Zahrawi Society announced the first European installations of a multi-year project to test crop-responsive PV systems combined with carbon dioxide enrichment in greenhouses.

Dynamic modeling for building-integrated photovoltaic-thermal systems

Researchers in the Middle East have conducted a series of simulations to assess the technical and economical feasibility of building-integrated photovoltaic-thermal systems. The proposed framework could apply to various building types and geographical locations.

EU set to dig into raw materials supply

The European Union has drawn up new regulations to boost the domestic mining of raw materials and support production of renewable energy products and materials at home. Will it be enough to incentivize investment, or will Europe trail other major economies, such as the United States and China?

Jordan launches tender for solar energy systems

The Jordanian government has launched a tender for 3 kW solar energy systems for homes of National Aid Fund beneficiaries. The deadline for applications is July 4.

GCL Tech, Mubadala to open polysilicon factory in UAE

Chinese polysilicon maker GCL Tech says it is partnering with Emirati state-owned Mubadala Investment Co. to build the Middle East’s first polysilicon factory in the United Arab Emirates.

US solar prices double European costs amid regulatory challenges

The requirements of measures such as the Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act (UFLPA) mean that solar panel prices in the United States can be twice as much as in Europe.

Israel to deploy 250 MW of floating solar, agrivoltaics

The Israeli authorities have proposed a plan to deploy 250 MW of floating solar and agrivoltaics through four PV plants in the Negev Desert near Ramon Airport.

Consumer knowledge key for solar adoption in Saudi Arabia

A new research paper urges the Saudi Arabian government to improve consumer knowledge of renewable energy to encourage the adoption of solar by domestic consumers.

The Hydrogen Stream: Adnoc delivers low-carbon ammonia to Japan

Adnoc has delivered the world’s first certified bulk commercial shipment of low-carbon ammonia to a client in Japan, while Plug Power has agreed to supply a 3 GW electrolyzer in Australia.

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