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Grids & Integration

UK grid operator streamlines 10 GW of battery storage

Plans to connect around 10 GW of battery energy storage projects in England and Wales are now in the fast lane. This comes on top of 10 GW of capacity unlocked at distribution level, including shovel-ready solar farms, onshore wind, and battery storage projects.

Overview of grid codes identifies CEI 0–21 standard as potential international benchmark

Conducted by Italian scienitists, the analysis includes standards such as IEC 61727, the US EREC G83/2 Recommendations, Germany’s VDE-AR-N 4105, China’s GB/T 19964-2012 and GB/T 20,046, Italy’s CEI 0-21, Australia’s AS 4777.2, and New Zealand’s AS 4777.2 standards, as well as the United States’ IEEE 1547. 

New research sheds light on off-grid solar costs in remote villages

An international research group has assessed the economic feasibility of exclusively powering remote villages in Pakistan with off-grid solar-plus-storage projects. They said that their proposed system configuration has a “justifiable” net present cost.

Weekend Read: Install grid-connected solar, rinse, repeat

Will a redeployable solar and energy storage solution be the answer to unreliable grid electricity across much of Africa, as its developer proposes? Or will it merely be a temporary solution that will see cash-strapped utilities kick the can of universal energy access further down the road?

Novel tool for PV system sizing allows users to assess tradeoffs between reliability and costs

Developed by scientists in Egypt, trhe Green Energy Solutions software allows users to assess the tradeoffs between the PV system reliability and its costs. Compared to PVsyst, it has an error margin of up to 9%.

Transformer shortages: New bottleneck of the energy storage supply chain

Transformer shortages are taking their toll on battery energy storage system (BESS) integrators, as competition in the market intensifies.


Strategies to develop ‘solar neighborhoods’

A group of scientists across the world have created a list of recommendations that can help create solar neighborhoods. In a recently published study they highlight the importance of legislative frameworks and advanced computing.


New model to identify land eligibility, calculate LCOE for utility-scale PV

Created by scientists in Poland, the model is based on GIS and can be adapted to different market conditions. The researchers applied it to the Polish market and found that 3.61% of the country’s available land can host utility-scale PV systems.

The impact of BIPV in high rise buildings

Scientists from Spain have outlined several scenarios for developing building-integrated PV solutions in a case study building in Palma de Mallorca. Their economic analysis stressed the importance of electricity pricing schemes for the viability of BIPV projects in the Mediterranean area.

Dutch startup optimizes Edison battery for industrial hydrogen production

Battolyser Systems has improved the efficiency of its Edison battery for industrial hydrogen production. The Dutch startup said the levelized cost of hydrogen (LCOH) could be cut to €1.50 ($1.58) per kilogram by 2025. It has partnered with the European Investment Bank to support its expansion, with ambitious plans to hit 1 GW of production capacity by 2026.


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