Grids & Integration

DNV GL: Renewables to account for 85% of global electricity by 2050

A new report from DNV GL forecasts a bright future for renewable energy, predicting that by 2050 electricity demand will increase 140% to become the largest form of energy consumed, and that 85% of this electricity will be generated from renewable sources.

International research team uses algorithm to reduce negative impact of inertia emulation of PV in micro-grids

The computer-based algorithm seeks to make the micro-grid work like a large power grid with inertia, thus improving its stability and reliability.

DNV GL report criticizes EU demand response regulations

A study carried out by energy consultants DNV GL has found that the European Commission’s draft proposal on demand response regulations is “incompatible with market principles,” and made several recommendations for its improvement.


Haitian energy entrepreneurs call for investment security

At an international PV conference held in the Haitian capital Port-au-Prince, companies were demanding improvements to the political framework for the development of solar power in the country. Additionally, calls were made for low interest loans for private individuals, to cover initial investment in a PV system.

IRENA: Renewable energy can meet a quarter of India’s energy demand

As India’s energy needs are rising fast, the increased use of renewables in 2030 could save the economy 12 times the installation costs, when reduced environmental and health damage are taken into account, shows International Renewable Energy Agency’s roadmap to 2030, ranking solar as the country’s second largest source of renewable energy.


Haiti inaugurates the largest smart-grid in the Caribbean

A smart-grid project combining PV generation and battery storage has been unveiled in Haiti. The project is the result of collaboration between the Biohaus Foundation and relief organization NPH Germany. The project will substantially reduce the nation’s reliance on diesel generators.


UK researchers launch PV generation forecasting tool

A team of researchers at the University of Sheffield has developed a service to forecast energy generation levels from PV up to three days in advance, allowing grid operators to make decisions further in advance, lowering costs and increasing the efficiency of electricity systems.


Swiss university spin-off develops grid analysis software

Zurich based startup Adaptricity, which grew out of leading university the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH Zurich) is preparing to launch a software system which can simulate and analyze regional electrical grids, potentially a valuable tool for investors and grid operators.

Leaked DOE study draft: U.S. grids are getting more reliable, not less

A leaked draft of the study ordered by Energy Secretary Perry appears to show what we already knew: That grids are getting more reliable, not less, as wind and solar are added. But the political tampering with the facts may already be happening.


SolarEdge unveils inverter-integrated EV charger

The Israeli power electronics specialist introduces electric vehicle charger at Intersolar North America that can be integrated using a single inverter and dashboard.