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The Hydrogen Stream: Global hydrogen pipeline plummets in Q4 2022

Wood Mackenzie says in a newly published report that new hydrogen capacity announcements fell year on year in 2022, while researchers claim that green hydrogen heating systems will probably not replace gas boilers in European homes.


The Hydrogen Stream: Green hydrogen capacity surged in 2022

Green hydrogen production capacity continued to grow last year, driven largely by new investments, GlobalData says in a newly published report. Deutsche Bahn, meanwhile, has revealed plans to expand its hydrogen bus fleet in Germany.


The Hydrogen Stream: Novel design for high-power PEM fuel cells

South Korean researchers have revealed a scalable production method for platinum-based fuel cell catalysts, while Germany moved forward on its hydrogen strategy by signing agreements with Australia, Belgium, and the Netherlands.


The Hydrogen Stream: Europe introduces new green hydrogen rules

The European Commission has presented the final version of its new rules for green hydrogen, with looser requirements to qualify hydrogen as “green.”

The Hydrogen Stream: Novel tube trailer for hydrogen transport

Calvera Hydrogen has claimed that its new 45-foot hydrogen tube trailer has the largest capacity in the world, Universal Hydrogen has unveiled a hydrogen-powered regional aircraft, and Masdar has signed a green hydrogen production deal with Austrian utility Verbund.


The Hydrogen Stream: Bismuth-based catalyst for efficient OER in electrolysis

South Korean researchers have reported higher performance with a newly proposed BM/BiFeOxHy electrocatalyst for oxygen evolution reaction (OER), due to higher lattice vacancies and the amorphous structure. Institutions in the EU, the UK, and Canada, meanwhile, have announced new plans to provide funds for hydrogen projects.


The Hydrogen Stream: Honda reveals plans to halve fuel cell costs by 2030

Honda has revealed a new hydrogen strategy, while Air Liquide and TotalEnergies have announced a new hydrogen joint venture.


The Hydrogen Stream: World’s largest hydrogen airplane makes first flight

ZeroAvia tested its new 19-seat hydrogen-powered aircraft, Chinese scientists unveiled new tech to promote bubble removal in electrolyzers, and Egypt-Japan University of Science and Technology researchers claimed that the most efficient hydrogen production systems are based on waste heat.

The Hydrogen Stream: Hyundai inches closer to hydrogen engine development

Hyundai Heavy Industries has revealed plans to develop a hybrid engine with more hydrogen by 2023, and a complete hydrogen engine by 2025. Japan, meanwhile, has signed hydrogen-related agreements with Saudi Arabia and Oman.


The Hydrogen Stream: Hydrogen production set for Tasmania

As Australia’s hydrogen project pipeline doubles in 12 months, Iberdrola announces investment in a green hydrogen and green methanol production plant in Tasmania. Meanwhile, projects in Scandinavia target the shipping industry.


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