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New model to optimize PV module encapsulation

An Austrian team develped a model to optimize lamination parameters and to flag critical, insufficiently crosslinked and inconsistent encapsulant laminations. It could be particularly suitable for the production of double-glass solar panels.

Austria earmarks €35 million for battery rebates

The Austrian authorities are granting a rebate of €200 ($214)/kWh to residential and commercial storage systems.

New machine learning tech for short-term PV power generation forecasting

Researchers in China have applied a machine learning technology based on temporal convolutional networks in PV power forecasting for the first time. The new model reportedly outperforms similar models during all seasons.

Austria earmarks €135 million for solar rebates in 2024

Austrian agency OeMAG is allocating €135 million ($146.4 million) of incentives under Austria’s Renewable Energy Expansion Act (EAG).

Austrian startup launches portable containerized PV system

Solarcont has developed a portable, containerized PV system featuring 240 solar modules on a folding system for easy removal and storage.


Austrian startup offers standardized system for solar bike roads

Austrian startup Mo Energy Systems has developed a standardized system for solar bike roads, featuring 12-meter-long structures with a variable width ranging from 2 meters to 4.5 meters. It includes anchoring, without the need for concrete or excavation work.


Vertical bifacial vs. stilted agrivoltaics

Scientists in Austria have conducted a life cycle assessement of vertical bifacial agrivoltaic systems and stilted agrivoltaic facilities. Their analysis revealed that vertical installations have lower environmental impacts in wide range of scenarios.


Aerocompact releases new portrait mounting system

Austrian manufacturer Aerocompact has developed the SN2 Q PLUS solar mounting system, which can support PV modules measuring up to 1,310 mm x 2,500 mm. It has an installation angle of between 5 degrees and 10 degrees.


Improving silicon solar cell performance with aluminum-doped polysilicon passivating contacts

An international research group has developed a novel technique enabling the creation of contacts at low temperatures. The novel contact types are reportedly able to enhance cell efficiency by up to 3%.

Façade-integrated R290 split-type heat pump for domestic hot water

Researchers in Austria have developed a new heat pump system for residential applications that reportedly achieves a coefficient of performance ranging from 2.82 to and 3.11 at an outdoor air temperature of 10 C and 20 C, respectively. They also found the system was able to supply the comfort conditions at all tested outdoor temperatures.