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Maxeon secures EU cash to make its ‘stick-on’ solar panels in France

The TotalEnergies-controlled solar manufacturer will secure an, as yet undetermined chunk of a new €118.6 million low-carbon innovation fund to start producing its frameless, glass-free solar roofing products at Porcelette, in northeastern France.


Switching from subsidization to taxation may improve uptake of heat pumps coupled to PV

According to a Swedish-Austrian group of scientists, the combined use of heat pumps and rooftop PV generation may be boosted in Europe by replacing current subsidies with a carbon tax policy. Their analysis showed that the profitability of this combination is strictly dependent on gas prices, and that a slight increase in gas prices would be crucial to sustain strong development.


Sliding seam clamps for framed solar modules

The clamps can be installed on artisanal seam sheet roofs or industrial system seam sheet roofs made of coated steel, aluminum and other materials.

Using the oceans’ depths to store renewables, compress hydrogen

Underwater gravity energy storage has been proposed as an ideal solution for weekly energy storage, by an international group of scientists. The novel technology is considered an alternative to pumped-hydro storage for coasts and islands without mountains that are located close to deep waters, and may also be interesting for PV if used to store green hydrogen.


Austria deployed 341 of new PV in 2020

The country’s cumulative PV capacity exceeded 2 GW at the end of 2020.

ESMC criticises lack of solar manufacturing in Euro recovery plans

The trade body has highlighted a lack of explicit PV industry support in EU member states which already host domestic manufacturers, such as Germany, France, Austria, Belgium and Lithuania, and says the focus on green hydrogen could exacerbate the solar trade deficit with Asia.

Fronius launches new inverter for large-scale PV plants

The 50 kW version of the new inverter features an efficiency of 98.6% and a European efficiency of 98.1%. It can be deployed with a decentralized approach, next to the PV modules, or centralized, at the grid connection point.


Excess PV power to activate floor heating in commercial buildings

Austrian heat and PV specialist my-PV is proposing a new solution to use surplus PV electricity for thermal concrete-core activation in commercial buildings.

Big modules, bigger ballast? – New safety considerations for the rooftop sector

Join this webinar and learn more about wind effects on big modules, aerodynamic testing, structure codes, and how to ensure your next project is safe.

A guide to Europe’s booming PPA market

Recently, the market for power purchase agreements has evolved, opening grand opportunities for solar companies. In this pv magazine Webinar, we will look at a Swiss alpine solar project in greater detail and learn what it takes to build a good PPA project.

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