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Austria may add 1.2 GW of new solar in 2022

Austria could become a gigawatt market for the first time in 2022. Its cumulative solar capacity is potentially set to hit 4 GW, up from 2.78 GW at the end of 2021. The country is expected to install more than 1 GW of solar every year until 2030.


Aerocompact launches high-elevation mounting system for rooftop PV

Aerocompact’s new CompactFLAT GS mounting structure can be installed 40 cm above rooftop surfaces, with tilt angles of 10 and 15 degrees. The company says the product is ideal for bifacial solar arrays and green rooftops.


DC rooftop PV providing domestic hot water to residential building at 60 C

Domestic hot water, with a heating system powered exclusively by DC solar power, has now covered the needs of an apartment building in Linz, Austria, for a period of a year. The 14 residential units are each connected to their own 1.36 KW solar arrays.

Austria added 740 MW of solar in 2021

Austria’s cumulative installed PV capacity has now surpassed 2.78 GW.

Construction begins on 120 MW solar park in Austria

Nickelsdorf, a small town in eastern Austria, has started building a 120 MW solar project. Upon completion, it will be the nation’s largest solar park.


Austria launches second round of solar-storage rebate program

The Austrian authorities allocated €40 million ($42.8 million) in the next round of the nation’s solar-plus-storage rebate scheme, across 11,000 projects. Rebates are available for PV installations up to 10 kW in size.


Storing hydropower via regenerative braking in electric trucks

An international research team has proposed the use of water from high-altitude rivers and regenerative braking in electric trucks to store electricity for reuse in power networks, or for transport purposes.


Storing renewables with high-rise elevators

Lift Energy Storage Technology is a proposed long-term storage solution that relies on elevators to bring solid masses to the tops of buildings in charging mode. It then lowers the same mass to produce electricity in discharge mode.


Module brands that earn the trust of solar installers

The latest global PV installer survey by Germany’s EUPD Research offers a hint of the solar brands which installers, mostly based in Europe, gravitate toward. This year’s report also ventured to South Africa and considered mounting systems for the first time.


Austria launches €240 million rebate scheme for rooftop PV

The Austrian government has more than quadrupled the budget for the 2022 edition of its rooftop solar rebate program.