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China holds the key to cancelling half the world’s new coal project plans

With pressure mounting on the world’s governments to turn their back on the fossil fuel, China and peers in South East Asia, Europe and South Asia could help deliver a coal-free future at the COP26 climate summit planned in Glasgow in November.

Bangladeshi steelmaker launches tender for 10 MW PV project

GPH Ispat will build a solar plant on an artificial lake that is used to harvest rainwater, with panels to also be deployed on lakeside hills and the rooftops of the company’s main factory and offices.

Restoration of full customs duties for inverters hits Bangladeshi solar sector

The tax and duty rate levied on imported inverters leapt 26% in July after the authorities in Dhaka removed a dispensation from full rates that had been applied to the products.

‘The chance to reset with a green recovery has now been lost’

Norwegian consultancy DNV today published the latest of its annual surveys of the state of the energy transition and lamented the fact so very little has been achieved during the last five years. We are forging ahead into a world that will be 2.3C hotter this century, predicts the report.

Bangladesh prepares fresh $50m solar home system roll-out

A government spending committee has approved the deployment of 80,000 home solar panels in the mountainous districts of Chittagong.


Combining big floating solar with hydropower

Scientists in Bangladesh have evaluated how a 50 MW floating PV plant could be integrated with the 230 MW Karnafuli Hydroelectric Power Station, located at the Kaptai Dam on the Karnaphuli River. They found that the two energy sources can be perfectly optimized and that PV can compensate for the reservoir’s shortage of water storage during the winter season while hydropower can compensate for the poor yields of the floating array during the monsoon season.


France provides €50m for green SME investment in Bangladesh

Countryside SMEs, and particularly women entrepreneurs, will be among the first in line to receive loans to finance up to 70% of their clean energy investments.


Bangladesh seeks EPC for 68 MW solar park

An international tender has been floated for the Engineering Procurement and Construction (EPC) of a 68 MW solar PV park in Bangladesh’s Sirajganj district.


Bangladesh’s upper court tells government to get serious about renewables

Responding to a petition seeking an order to protect vulnerable wildlife habitats, the High Court of Bangladesh has told policymakers in Dhaka to draw up a plan for 100% clean energy.


Germany commits another €238m for clean power and energy efficiency in Bangladesh

The cheap loan package agreed at the weekend is part of a wider €340 million development deal and extends Germany’s record of promoting the energy transition of the South Asian nation.