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Off-grid solar-wind power plant design for green hydrogen generation

Scientists in Czechia have conducted a techno-economic analysis of a green hydrogen production system powered exclusively by photovoltaic and wind energy. The system uses surplus energy for water treatment and, according to its creator, can achieve a levelized cost of hydrogen of $3.12/kg.


Egyptian utility launches tender for 8.2 MW solar-plus-storage project

State-owned utility Egyptian Electricity Holding Company is requesting expressions of interest for the design, building and operation of a 8.2 MW solar plant and 2 MW/4MWh battery energy storage system, located at the site of an existing microgrid in western Egypt.

Floating photovoltaics may significantly reduce water evaporation at Aswan dam

The Aswan High Dam Reservoir is one of the world’s largest water reservoir and suffers from high water evaporation rates due to the region’s very hot and dry climate. Floating PV installations may be a remedy, while also offering a good match for hydropower generation.


Greek developer seeks consultants for Egypt-Greece interconnection studies

Greek renewables developer Elica SA is seeking consultants for two desktop studies related to an electrical interconnection project between Greece and Egypt. The undersea link will transmit green energy to Europe via a 3 GW HDVC connection.

PV module fault detection technique based on convolutional neural network

An international research team has used the convolutional neural network (CNN) deep learning algorithm to identify faults in solar panels. Its work showed the proposed technique has a high degree of accuracy, especially if combined with transfer learning models.

Globeleq acquires stake in 25 MW Egyptian solar plant

London-based Globeleq has acquired a 48.3% stake in the 25 MW Winnergy solar plant in Egypt’s Benban Solar complex. It will now cooperate on the management of assets and the operation of the facility with Egyptian manufacturer GILA Altawakol Electric.

Attica-Crete leg of Mediterranean super grid due mid 2025

Greece has grand plans for an interconnector network that runs from the Middle East through to the heart of Europe. pv magazine examines the latest developments on the road to a Mediterranean super grid and what it might mean for the regions involved.


Photovoltaics for cold storage

Researchers in China have developed a photovoltaic cold storage system that is reportedly able to improve refrigeration capacity and ice storage rate. The system is said to ensure a stable cooling system operation for the refrigeration needs of agricultural products.

Egyptian solar set to expand beyond the massive 1.8 GW Benban PV project

In this edition of the Weekend Read, we turn to Egypt. The gigawatt-scale Benban project showcases the North African country’s solar potential, and premium prices for gas exports make the case for a more diverse energy mix. A nation with grand renewables targets – but slow installation rates – may finally be weaning itself off fossil fuel resources.

New design for organic/CIGS tandem solar cells promises 27.46% efficiency

Scientists in the Middle East designed a flexible two-terminal organic/CIGS tandem solar cell for wearable applications. The device achieved an open-circuit voltage of 1.89 V, a short-circuit current density of 17.55 mA/cm2, and a fill factor of 82.79%.


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