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The Hydrogen Stream: $8 billion green hydrogen facility near the Suez Canal

Egypt is taking several steps to support renewable and hydrogen projects, aiming to produce 42% of its electricity from renewable sources by 2030. Meanwhile, a team of researchers led by UCLA developed a method for predicting platinum alloys’ potency and stability; Iberdrola and bp are working on strategic collaboration, including large-scale green hydrogen production hubs in Spain, Portugal and the UK.

Photovoltaics and anaerobic digestion

Researchers in Egypt have studied the use of solar power and anaerobic digestion for a 6,300-square-meter farm capable of housing 200 head of milk/beef cattle. They found that this combination could achieve a cost of energy of $0.0226/kWh.


IFC announces $150m credit line, with focus on African solar

Egypt’s Elsewedy Electric, which has developed solar and storage projects on its home continent, has secured a new financing package, according to International Finance Corp.


The Hydrogen Stream: Volvo starts testing fuel cell electric trucks

Volvo said it will offer fuel cell electric trucks by the second half of the decade, while an airport in northern Japan has started working on a feasibility study for local hydrogen production. Uruguay, meanwhile, has presented a new hydrogen strategy.


New method could potentially produce hydrogen from biogas for $2/kg

Kore, an energy startup in California, has developed a new way to produce hydrogen from biogas, and is now poised to build a commercial-scale demonstration facility in Los Angeles. It said half of the carbon in the feedstock can be converted into gas, while the other half can be converted into solid elemental carbon char.


EBRD to lend $4.8m to back solar, other renewables in Egypt

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development has agreed to lend up to $4.8 million for investments in renewables in Egypt, including a PV project.


The Hydrogen Stream: Magnetic alloys for efficient hydrogen cooling

While a Japanese team developed a series of Er(Ho)Co2-based magnetic cooling alloys for hydrogen cooling, a US research team used a “simple” acid treatment to increase flow of hydrogen atoms within protonic ceramic electrochemical cells (PCECs). Hydrogen-fuelled mobility registered significant developments: the first hydrogen-electric passenger aircraft was piloted between two major airports in Germany, and a 75-passenger ferry service in the San Francisco Bay braces for operations in June.


‘African countries must unite to establish a green hydrogen economy’

Only by working together can African nations overcome the obstacles to exploiting their abundant renewables resources and producing affordable green hydrogen – for use at home and in a European economy keen to wean itself off Russian gas, an online event has been told.


The Hydrogen Stream: New fuel cell electric vehicle from Canada

Elsewhere, the Fraunhofer ISE research institute has unveiled a new tool for high-resolution power-to-X kinetic analysis, and German entities have signed partnership agreements with the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company.


The weekend read: Super-grid forming in the Mediterranean

Electricity generation in the Middle East and Africa could soon support the development of an interconnection between Greece, Cyprus, Israel and Egypt. Ilias Tsagas examines the landscape for this infrastructure mega-project, and the possible benefits for solar.