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Ignitis Group expands pumped hydro facility in Lithuania

Ignitis Group says it will increase the capacity of the 900 MW Kruonis Pumped Storage Plant by another 110 MW. It notes that the expansion project will be finalized by the end of 2026.

Fluence introduces utility-scale battery for transmission networks

Storage specialist Fluence has launched Ultrastack, a battery energy storage system (BESS) for storage-as-transmission assets (SATA). It is designed to help network owners and operators to manage renewables curtailment, increase the use of power lines, and limit congestion.


Solitek to build 600 MW solar module factory in Italy

Solitek has revealed plans to build a new manufacturing facility in Benevento, Italy.


Latvia to host 100 MW of unsubsidized solar

Vilnius-based Green Genius has revealed that it will build an unsubsidized PV installation in Jekabpils, Latvia. Upon completion, the 100 MW project will be the country’s largest solar installation to date.


Hybrid solar-wind project moves forward in Latvia

Lithuanian energy company Ignitis has purchased a 200 MW hybrid solar-wind project in Latvia. The installation is in the early stages of development, with construction scheduled to begin in 2025.


EU energy fund to commit $514 million for solar projects at Romanian mining waste sites

Panels will be installed at waste sites in five mining towns as part of the latest, €2.4 billion ($2.57 million) round of investment from a fund set up to help coal-dependent European member states with the energy transition.

Lithuania devotes €40 million for solar rebates in 2022

The Lithuanian government has decided to increase the 2022 budget for the solar rebates by €35 million after the initial phases of the program showed strong success among homeowners.


Perovskite solar module with 21.36% efficiency via new passivation tech

Lithuanian scientists built the panel with 23.9% efficient solar cells with operational stability of over 1000 h. The module has an active area of 26 cm2.


Solitek unveils 12.6%-efficient solar panel for greenhouses

The frameless solar panel has a light transmittance of 40% and nominal power of 235 W. The manufacturer offers a 30-year performance guarantee.


Lithuanian module maker says European and US clients moving away from Chinese supply chain

Vilnius-headquartered Solitek is preparing to ramp its output next year on the back of rising orders in Scandinavia, and says its new partnership with New York-based Convalt Energy will reduce its dependence on Asian semiconductors and solar cells.


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