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New York

TotalEnergies builds 12 MW solar carport at New York’s JFK Airport

French energy giant TotalEnergies has started building an onsite solar-plus-storage system at John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York City. It will provide energy to the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey and Con Edison, as well as community solar for area residents.


New York’s open-access solar-projection tool beats commercial competition

NYSolarCast, a solar-projection tool developed by the state of New York to handle its growing base of PV facilities, demonstrated equal or superior performance than competing commercial alternatives, according to a year-long analysis.

The Hydrogen Stream: Germany’s hydrogen strategy takes shape

Germany made progress with its hydrogen strategy, while Australia announced plans for a hydrogen feasibility study.


Radiative cooling tech for vertical solar panels

Developed by a US-Saudi research group, the novel technique employs two 45-degree inclined mirrors on the two sides of a PV module. On the back side, a spectral selective reflector enables the thermal radiation to be directed to the sky while preventing the back of a module from heating up by the scattered sunlight.


Has the US caught up with European agrivoltaic deployment?

With so much more agricultural real estate than Europe, the United States is building on the body of research built up across The Pond and rolling out solar panels on farmland at an impressive rate.


The Hydrogen Stream: Plug Power shares fall on North America concerns

Plug Power has issued a warning about its 2023 financial performance due to supply challenges in North America, while Air Products says it is cementing its collaboration with Chengzhi in China.


The Hydrogen Stream: Researchers developing cheap hydrogen storage

As the Oxford Institute for Energy Studies underlines the delays in hydrogen storage investments, a group of researchers have developed a cost-effective material to absorb hydrogen at non-cryogenic temperatures, which they consider optimal for fuel cell storage systems.


Multi-day energy storage increases grid capacity by factor of 10

Form Energy has released a white paper that provides further evidence that multi-day energy storage, like its iron-air technology, can substantially reduce the costs for New York to achieve its ambitious decarbonization targets.


New York state increases clean energy storage research incentives

Four demonstration projects have secured funding to test and scale up different long-duration energy storage proposals.

Solar buildouts mapped to determine impact on biodiversity in US largest estuary

A group of researchers and data scientists from the Chesapeake Conservatory studied the construction of solar energy facilities in states surrounding the Chesapeake Bay Watershed and found that solar developments on already cultivated land did not adversely impact biodiversity.


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