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Eco Stor: Online calculator determines energy transition storage requirements

The “Dunkelflaute” is a bogeyman for the energy sector, but a new tool from the German-Norwegian storage provider can now determine exactly which storage capacities and how many reserve power plants are needed in order to be on the safe side even in phases with little PV and wind power.

The Hydrogen Stream: India launches green ammonia auction

As the state-owned SECI launches a reverse auction to purchase 539,000 metric tonnes of green ammonia a year, Yara officially opened its 24 MW renewable hydrogen plant at Herøya, Norway.

The Hydrogen Stream: China may hit 2025 green-hydrogen targets a year early

Rystad Energy says China appears set to smash its national hydrogen targets, solidifying its lead in the global electrolyzer market, while European Union and Japan have agreed to cooperate on hydrogen research.

The Hydrogen Stream: Japanese scientists develop proton-conducting perovskites for fuel cells

Scientists from the Tokyo Institute of Technology (Tokyo Tech) and High Energy Accelerator Research Organization (KEK) have developed a highly oxygen-deficient perovskite for protonic ceramic fuel cells (PCFCs), while the European Commission has approved its fourth Important Project of Common European Interest (IPCEI).


The Hydrogen Stream: Adnoc delivers low-carbon ammonia to Japan

Adnoc has delivered the world’s first certified bulk commercial shipment of low-carbon ammonia to a client in Japan, while Plug Power has agreed to supply a 3 GW electrolyzer in Australia.

Key takeaways from World Hydrogen 2024 in Rotterdam

Development of green hydrogen production in Europe is moving forward in fits and starts, but the ongoing World Hydrogen 2024 event in Rotterdam calls for blue hydrogen adoption, which suggests that the oil and gas industry aims to maintain control of the hydrogen market. 


Nowegian startup brings PV-powered cargo bikes to market

Infinite Mobility, a developer of solar-powered bikes for last mile delivery fleets and commuters, is shipping samples to potential distributors in Europe, a month ahead of series production.


European Consortium seeks to streamline agrivoltaics design

A European consortium including Germany’s Fraunhofer ISE is researching suitable crop and PV system combinations, conducting tests under Nordic conditions, and developing software to expedite adoption.

The Hydrogen Stream: Norway to make world’s biggest hydrogen ships

Norwegian Ship Design Co. has agreed to help build what it claims will be the two largest hydrogen ships in the world, while Norwegian Hydrogen has announced plans to team up with Australia’s Provaris Energy on hydrogen export opportunities.


Norwegian startup unveils CO2 water-to-water heat pump

Tequs said its new plug-and-play heat pump can deliver up to 90 C of heat for space heating, air conditioning, and domestic hot water. The new product is available in eight versions with capacity ranging from 17 kW to 268 kW.


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