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The Hydrogen Stream: EU auction attracts 132 bids for 8.5 GW electrolyzer capacity

The European Hydrogen Bank’s pilot auction has drawn 132 bids, exceeding the available budget, while Australia has finalized an agreement to build a hydrogen hub.


Monocrystalline solar modules more resistant to hail than polycrystalline panels

Scientists from Pakistan, Qatar and Saudi Arabia have conceived a new experimental setup to conduct hail impact tests for photovoltaic modules. The first tests showed that monocrystalline panels lose less efficiency than their polycrystalline counterparts with the same number of busbars.


Novel MPPT technique based on Coronavirus algorithm

The proposed algorithm is intended for harvesting the maximal power in PV systems operating in varying weather scenarios. According to its creators, the new approach can be applied on a low-cost microcontroller.


New research shows impact of dust on PV module temperature, performance

New research from Pakistan shows that dust could reduce PV panel performance through the shielding effect and the “dust-temperature” phenomenon. The scientists tested two PV systems in different parts of the country.


Energy trade model for interconnected renewable microgrids

Scientists from China proposed a new method for energy trade optimization between interconnected microgrids and the main utility grid. The novel approach utilizes particle swarm optimization and gravitational search algorithms with Nash Bargaining.


New research sheds light on off-grid solar costs in remote villages

An international research group has assessed the economic feasibility of exclusively powering remote villages in Pakistan with off-grid solar-plus-storage projects. They said that their proposed system configuration has a “justifiable” net present cost.

Novel algorithm for ultra-short term forecast of PV system faults

A research group in Pakistan has developed a PV system fault forecasting technique that can reportedly detect faults at the inceptive stage. The scientists claim their new algorithm is able to extract cell parameters and use the data to forecast fault conditions.

Pakistan re-tenders 600 MW solar PV project

The Pakistani authorities have once again tendered a bid to develop 600 MW of solar capacity in Punjab, Pakistan. The government is now telling prospective developers that they have until Oct. 30 to submit proposals.


Researchers claim PV near railway tracks is technically feasible

Despite soiling and mechanical stress, PV deployed between or close to rail tracks is not just a crazy idea, states a Bangladeshi-Australian research group. The scientists conducted a techno-economic analysis on a 128 kW demonstrator and found it may achieve a levelized cost of energy of only $0.052/kWh.


Water-based solar module cleaning tech for rooftop PV

Scientists in Pakistan developed a new cleaning system that reportedly not only reduces power losses caused by soiling but is also able to increase PV module performance by reducing its temperature. It could be applied to both residential and commercial PV systems.


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