How to minimize grid purchases in storage-integrated PV systems

Scientists in Poland have developed a machine-learning method to help solar+storage system owners manage battery charging and discharging, so they can avoid buying power from the grid.

World could add more than 900 GW of solar by 2025 if politicians grasp the nettle – IEA

With the International Energy Agency publishing its latest five-year clean energy forecast today, pv magazine takes a look at the solar content of the 162-page document.


Photovoltaic tent hall for temporary solar power supply

Polish companies Pol-Plan and Solarspot have developed a solution to equip tent halls with photovoltaic systems. The modules are mounted on a special construction above the roof, made of PVC.

EBRD backs green bond issued by Polish utility

The London-based lender has committed more than €50 million to the €218 million exercise which will cost issuer Tauron more to finance if the utility falls short of its 2030 decarbonization targets.

Poland added 421 MW of PV in August-September period

The country’s cumulative installed PV power hit 2.68 GW at the end of September. Newly installed capacity for the first 10 months of the year has surpassed 1.3 GW.

South African renewables jobs should be in coal regions

A study into the potential pitfalls of the shift to clean power in the nation’s coal-dependent energy mix, pointed out almost all of South Africa’s solar farms are far to the south and west of the coal regions likely to bear the brunt of job losses in a country which already has 29% unemployment.


Polish solar manufacturers unite to compete with imports

Businesses, supported by the government, will join forces to strengthen their industry and contribute to the European Green Deal through made-in-EU products.

Leclanché restructure delayed

Eneris Group has suspended its financial commitments for the time being and Leclanche shareholder Fefam has provided a bridge loan of CHF34 million to give the historic company more time to set up a joint venture for large scale battery cell production in Europe.

Rising number of grid-connection permits shows 2020 could be another record year for Polish solar

Data from the Instytut Energetyki Odnawialnej shows 1.3 GW of solar projects secured preliminary grid-connection permits in the first half, with around 600 MW securing final approval. Last year, preliminary approvals totaled around 2 GW and final awards 730 MW.

Poland to tender 3.2 GW of solar by end of next year

The government expects to contract 1.5 GW of solar in this year’s two renewables auctions and is estimating a further 1.7 GW in two rounds planned next year.