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Puerto Rico

Weekend Read: PV goes portable

Portable solar generators are making their way from the fringes of solar and energy storage to become a mainstream consumer item. The rise has been charged by a range of factors that have created massive brands. Where did the sector emerge from, who was buying before, who is buying now, and what’s next? Tristan Rayner reports.


Puerto Rico distributed solar rises to 680 MW, residential storage to 1.6 GWh

While distributed solar and storage are advancing quickly in Puerto Rico, utility-scale solar and storage procurements ordered by regulators in 2020 have made little progress.

Weekend Read: Decarbonizing disaster response

Diesel generators have been the workhorse of disaster relief for decades but as the frequency of extreme weather events rises, so do calls to decarbonize the emergency response. Sustainability may not be the only benefit to using solar in a crisis, as pv magazine discovers.


US developer switches on largest solar-plus-storage project in Puerto Rico

Depcom Power has commissioned a 90 MW solar plant linked to 51.5 MW of battery storage in Salinas, on the southern coast of Puerto Rico.


Caribbean could become offshore floating solar PV giant, researcher says

Land is scarce but water is abundant for the Caribbean’s 700 islands. Solar economy professor Christian Breyer tells pv magazine that the region’s archipelagic makeup is not a drawback but a benefit for renewable energy generation, with the ocean potentially serving as the area’s floating solar PV backbone.


Puerto Rico ranks seventh in US rankings for residential solar per capita

Luma Energy supports more than 54,000 customer connections in its 21 months as grid operator.


US government releases $1 billion of energy resilience relief for Puerto Rico

The US government has introduced a new funding package to support residential solar and storage projects in Puerto Rico, followed by resilience solutions such as microgrids, community solar, and grid modernization.

Puerto Rico could approach 40% renewables by 2025

Rapidly deploying 5.2 GW of planned solar and storage in Puerto Rico, a possibility raised in a report by six national laboratories, would require an improvement in the Puerto Rico utility’s practices. A mandated procurement process has suffered delays at many steps.


Puerto Rico launches tender for 1 GW of renewables, 500 MW of storage

Puerto Rico’s latest procurement exercise is the second round of a tender scheme designed to allocate 3.75 GW of renewablesd capacity and 1.5 GW of storage.


Puerto Rico to host 460 MWh of nickel-hydrogen batteries

US provider EnerVenue will provide its nickel-hydrogen batteries for large scale renewable and storage applications to Sonnell Power Solutions. The devices will add resiliency to the island’s industrial sector, which has suffered outages and inconsistencies in the years since Hurricane Maria.


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