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Mondragon to supply 100 MW module production line to Solarge

Mondragon will install a 100 MW manufacturing line in the third quarter at Solarge’s factory in the Netherlands. Production is scheduled to start by the end of this year.


Trimaran-shaped floating PV system design from Spain

The proposed system architecture is claimed to offer more stability compared to conventional floating structures and reduces by up to 93% the contact area of the system with the water. The first system prototype was recently developed on a water reservoir in Alava, in the northeastern territory of the Basque Country.


Spain curtails PV for first time

The Spanish authorities applied solar curtailment for the first time on Easter Sunday, when power generation exceeded demand and the wholesale electricity price went from €168.50 ($182)/MWh to just €3.70/MWh.


Hybrid thermionic-photovoltaic converter for applications in thermal energy storage, waste heat recovery

A Spanish-Italian research group has developed a solid-state thermal-to-electric energy converter based on hybrid thermionic-photovoltaics (TIPV) for different applications. It consists of a three-terminal TIPV device made with a tungsten (W) thermionic cathode, a PV/anode structure made of an indium phosphide (n-InP) anode, and a photovoltaic cell based on indium gallium arsenide (InGaAs).

Madrid’s airport to host 120 MW solar park

Adolfo Suárez Madrid–Barajas Airport in Madrid will open a new 120 MW PV plant as part of a bigger, €350 million ($380.8 million) solar deployment plan.

‘Choosing the inverter well results in reliability’

Alter Enersun has started its relationship with inverter manufacturer Huawei. The Spanish developer’s CEO Jose Morlanes says that the company follows a route of choosing Tier 1 suppliers for all its components, including inverters, to keep downtime of his projects at the bare minimum. With Huawei he found an inverter supplier to fulfill he high demands.

Residential heat pump produces water up to 75 C

Scientists in Spain have developed a new heat pump that can produce 6.49 kWh of heat for each kilowatt-hour of power it consumes. The device could generate hot water at a temperature of up to 75 C.


Ikea invests €340 million in solar

Ikea’s holding company, INGKA Holding, will invest €340 million ($371 million) to acquire nine PV systems from Enerparc. In the future, Ikea said it will work with Svea Solar to sell residential PV systems.


Novel strategy to pair agrivoltaics, solar parks with trackers

Researchers in Spain have developed a way to integrate tree-based agriculture with solar power plants based on north-south-oriented, single-axis trackers. They have identified an ideal geometric space between the module rows for crops to avoid affecting irradiance capture or the trackers.


Lograr una garantía de 40 años para los módulos mediante la ciencia de los datos y la ingeniería

¿Cuánto dura un sistema solar? El 9 de junio, Maxeon mostrará cómo las pruebas, los datos de campo, la modelización y las mejoras de diseño han dado a la empresa la confianza suficiente para respaldar una garantía de 40 años.

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