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Another battery recycling plant for Sweden

Construction on the Halmstad facility is expected to start this year after the Stena Recycling branch of the Swedish conglomerate announced a €25 million commitment.

Pure sulfide CIGS solar cell with 15.2% efficiency

The device was built by an international research team. The cell features a buffer layer based on zinc sulfide oxide and a low copper absorber. The cell showed an open-circuit voltage of 920 mV. And though a different material from the widely commercialized CIG selenide PV thin films, the researchers claim similar processes could be used in its large-scale manufacturing.


Northvolt gets cash boost to expand capacity of Swedish gigafactory to 60 GWh

The battery manufacturer is planning to raise $2.75 billion through a private placement and to use the funds to expand the capacity of its lithium-ion battery manufacturing site which is currently under construction in Sweden, from 40 GWh to 60 GWh.

Perovskite stability, and the effects of defects

An international team of scientists fabricated perovskite solar cells which retained almost all of their initial 21% efficiency after 1,000 hours under continuous operation at their maximum power point. The researchers credit this performance to their discovery of an additive that served to ‘block’ ions that cause device degradation, and also hope their work will contribute to an improved understanding of the relationship between efficiency and stability in perovskite PV.


10-year PPA for 8 MW solar park in Sweden

Construction on the facility is expected to be finalized in April 2022. The electricity generated by the plant will be bought by Swedish polymer-based products provider Nolato Group.

Swedish perovskite startup picks up new investment

Norway based renewables investor Magnora has increased its stake in startup equipment supplier Evolar, which is aiming to bring a production line for perovskite solar cells to market. Magnora will now hold a 40.7% stake in the company as part of a long-term deal between the two, with options to further increase the stake available down the line.

Concrete battery for applications in buildings, rooftop PV

A prototype of a cement-based battery has been developed in Sweden for potential applications in buildings. Its creators claim it could become a solution to store electricity from rooftop PV and they do not exclude that it could also be used for the storage of large-scale renewables.


Exeger ramps up dye-sensitized solar cell production in Sweden

The Swedish company secured $38 million to build a manufacturing facility it has planned with the support of Swiss conglomerate ABB. The factory will be located in Stockholm and produce the company’s Powerfoyle products.


Optimization algorithm for vertical agrivoltaics

Developed by Swedish scientists, the proposed algorithm is said to calculate a project’s ideal design by combining climatological data with figures on expected solar power generation, shading distribution, water for irrigation, and agricultural yield. Its creators spoke with pv magazine about the key parameters that the model seeks to determine, one of which is the optimal distance between the solar module rows depending on the kind of crop.


Sweden to devote another $30.8 million to PV rebates for homeowners

The new budget will be devoted to private individuals only. The Swedish Energy Agency has so far devoted around $570 million to the solar rebate program, for the 2009-21 period.