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The Hydrogen Stream: Rolls Royce, rising prices, and hydrogen fueled beer

This week sees hydrogen pricing hit new highs, driven by simultaneous jumps in the price of natural gas and electricity. Elsewhere, project plans include green hydrogen production at a UK brewery and Ineos building a 100 MW electrolyzer in Germany, machinery manufacturers Rolls Royce and JCB making plans for hydrogen engines, and new investment agreements signed in Belgium, Sweden and Kazakhstan.

Northvolt and Cinis to turn battery waste into sustainable fertilizer

Production waste puts a dent in the perception of sustainability of batteries. Northvolt, however, has partnered with a young Swedish company to make the best use of the battery production waste, and also help to decarbonize the fertilizer industry while they are at it.


Azelio launches electro-thermal storage system for commercial applications

Developed by Swedish manufacturer Azelio, the system stores renewable energy in recycled aluminum and has an electrical and thermal energy output, with a total efficiency of 90 %. One unit’s storage capacity reaches 165 kWh of electrical output and on top of that thermal energy between 55-65 degrees Celsius. Its modular configuration allows the deployment of projects with a capacity of up to 100 MW.

Swedish port offers glimpse of eco-building future with all structures rooftop solar ready

A 605 kW array installed on the roof of the port’s largest building helps prove the claim made by Stockholm Norvik that all of its structures are able to host rooftop solar.

Solar-powered delivery van with 400 km range

Swedish start-up Clean Motion is seeking to commercialize an electric delivery van that is also powered by IBC solar modules placed on its roof. The vehicle is claimed to have a 400 km range, of which up to 130 km are provided by the PV array.

Ikea becomes wind and solar power provider in Sweden

The furniture giant will sell power from wind and solar facilities to final customers through the Strömma offer.

New PV facade design in Sweden

Soltech Energy has installed a 60 kW solar facade on the wall of a garage in Sweden that hosts 300 EV-charging posts. It features a steel structure to facilitate the flow of air.


Swedish developer announces 1 GW PV project pipeline in home country

Helios Nordic Energy has secured another 500 MW of unsubsidized solar projects across southern Sweden.


Another battery recycling plant for Sweden

Construction on the Halmstad facility is expected to start this year after the Stena Recycling branch of the Swedish conglomerate announced a €25 million commitment.

Pure sulfide CIGS solar cell with 15.2% efficiency

The device was built by an international research team. The cell features a buffer layer based on zinc sulfide oxide and a low copper absorber. The cell showed an open-circuit voltage of 920 mV. And though a different material from the widely commercialized CIG selenide PV thin films, the researchers claim similar processes could be used in its large-scale manufacturing.