Sweden allocates $80 million for solar rebates in 2019

The sum devoted to the rebate scheme was increased by another $32.4 million on top of what the government had previously allocated. The percentage covering the costs for buying and installing a PV system will be lowered from 30% to 20%, which may result in a higher number of installations and larger growth volumes.


Sweden installs record 180 MW of solar in 2018

The northern European country’s cumulative installed solar capacity reached 411 MW at the end of 2018. Around 10,000 new PV systems were deployed in total last year.


Volkswagen, Northvolt to set up battery research consortium

Automaker Volkswagen and Swedish lithium-ion battery producer Northvolt have announced plans to jointly form and lead a new organization, the European Battery Union (EBU), to conduct research on batteries used in transport and stationary energy storage applications.


Ikea tests rooftop PV and blockchain on miniature wooden village

The Solarville project, by Ikea’s Danish research and design laboratory, has seen the participation of blockchain companies such as Bloc, Blocktech, WeMoveIdeas India and Temporal. It was conceived to help create cooperative community micro-grids to enable homeowners to become clean energy traders.


Softbank to invest $10 million in device-integrated solar specialist Exeger

SB Energy Corp, a subsidiary of Japanese multinational Softbank, has announced a strategic partnership with Swedish company Exeger, which produces dye sensitized solar cells designed for integration into consumer electronic devices. Under the terms of the agreement, Softbank Group will invest $10 million in Exeger, with SB Energy Corp set to assist global rollout of the technology.

California rooftop legislation lifts order book for Swedish equipment supplier

CIGS thin-film production equipment company Midsummer posted record orders in 2018. With a U.S. partner, the company noted uptake was partly due to Californian requirements to integrate PV into all new (low-rise) buildings from next year.

Iron therapy for solar cells

A research team from Sweden has developed a new iron-based molecule, which it says has the potential for further cost reductions in solar cells, and can also function as a photocatalyst to produce fuel.

Off-grid Swedish housing block to be supplied 100% by PV, hydrogen

Upon completion, the long-term storage benefits of compressed hydrogen, coupled with an abundance of solar radiation in the summer months, will allow for a fully energy-sufficient 172 home apartment block in Sweden.


Midsummer picks up $7 million order for new CIGS factory in China

Sweden based CIGS equipment supplier Midsummer has received an order worth more than $7 million for its production equipment. The order was placed by U.S. based manufacturer Sunflare, for a new factory under construction in China.


Unlocking Scandi-candy for PV projects in developing countries

A new report suggests that better guarantee mechanisms and securities could unlock more investments from Scandinavia for renewable energy projects in developing countries. Overall, however, it finds that Norway, Sweden and Denmark have comprehensive mechanisms in place for bringing together industry and public support schemes.


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