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The Hydrogen Stream: Climate group dampens hopes for blue hydrogen

Solutions for Our Climate (SFOC) says in a new report that blue hydrogen might not be an effective climate solution, while TotalEnergies and its partners have agreed to explore green hydrogen potential in Tunisia.


European developer reaches financial close on 10 MW of solar in Tunisia

European renewables developer Qair will build a 10 MW solar plant in western Tunisia with a €3.9 million ($4.2 million) loan from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), as well as to up to €1 million in concessional funding from Finland.

Amea Power starts building 120 MW solar plant in Tunisia

Amea Power has started the construction of a 120 MW solar plant in northeastern Tunisia. Once operational, the plant is expected to generate 222 GWh of clean energy per year.


Bifacial agrivoltaics for olive groves

A Spanish-Italian research team has investigated different system configurations for bifacial agrivoltaic solar arrays deployed in olive groves and has found that the solar modules’ tilt angle has a significant impact on power yield while their height plays a crucial role on increasing agricultural yield.


New approach to integrate PV-powered heat pumps into greenhouses

Scientists have proposed to use PV energy and heat pump-driven HVAC system in greenhouses conceived to grow tomatoes in the Mediterranean area. The system was found to have a payback time of only 2.9 years in southern Spain.

The Hydrogen Stream: Germany, Italy plan hydrogen pipeline to North Africa

Germany, in collaboration with Italy, has revealed plans to import hydrogen from Northern Africa.


AMEA Power reaches financial close on 120 MW of solar in Tunisia

Dubai-based AMEA Power has signed concession and power purchase agreements (PPA) with the Tunisian government for its 120 MW solar project in Metbassta, northern Tunisia.


The Hydrogen Stream: North African hydrogen development stokes concerns

French researchers have identified a number of potential social issues that may arise as North Africa develops its significant hydrogen potential, while the European Commission has released the details of its pilot auction for European renewable hydrogen production.


Solar module cooling tech based on nanofluid jets

The system consists of a double jet of nanofluid in a 2D channel placed below a heating plate that adheres to the photovoltaic panel. It uses water mixed with copper nanoparticles as a nanofluid. 

Tunisia launches tenders for 1 GW of solar

The Tunisia authorities plan to allocate 1 GW of installed solar power through two different procurement exercises, spread across 10 projects.