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Apple’s suppliers embrace renewable energy

The move is part of the U.S. technology company’s 2030 plan to rely 100% on renewable energy.


SunPower launches home monitoring app for solar, storage

The SunPower solar monitoring app draws inspiration for its user interface from unlikely non-energy sources such as Spider-Man.


US corporate solar market reaches 8 GW

The new Solar Means Business report by the Solar Energy Industries Association indicates that low prices and climate change commitments are driving corporate interest in solar and storage. Apple, Amazon and Walmart lead the list of top players.


Apple data center in Denmark powered by 50 MW of solar

European Energy has built a solar array and is now constructing a wind farm to provide Apple’s data center in Denmark with 100% renewable energy. The PV project, which features bifacial panels, is the country’s largest unsubsidized PV installation in operation.

The ‘rubber-band effect’ on renewable energy project margins

David Riester of Lacuna Sustainable Investments, looks at how, on the journey from concept to monetized power plant, renewables and energy storage projects tend to get tugged toward ‘zero’ margin, from either direction. The further the rubber band is stretched, the stronger the pull back toward zero.

Microsoft is on a solar shopping spree

The tech giant has signed a power contract for the output of First Solar’s 150 MWac Sun Streams 2 solar plant, bringing its procurement of solar to almost 500 MW – but none of its PV projects have been completed yet.


US corporate solar procurement knocks it out of the park in 2018

According to Rocky Mountain Institute corporations have signed contracts for 2.8 GW of solar in the United States this year, a gigawatt more than the deals signed in all previous years combined.

Apple claims to be 100% renewable-powered

Technology multinational, Apple Inc. has announced that its global operations are now 100% powered by clean energy. Additionally, another nine of Apple’s manufacturing partners have committed to powering their production with 100% clean energy, meaning a total of 23 suppliers have now made this commitment.


Apple takes another bite out of climate change with second billion-dollar green bond

The tech giant’s latest investment in tackling climate change follows last year’s $1.5 billion green bond sale. Proceeds from this latest bond will be earmarked for eco-friendly projects, with solar at the forefront.


Apple installs 17 MW rooftop solar array on Jobs’ dream campus

To celebrate what would have been founder Steve Jobs’ 62 birthday today, the consumer-electronics giant announced its new headquarters, Apple Park, will be ready to accept employees starting in April. Employees will be able to bask in the electricity produced by one of the largest on-site solar arrays in the world.


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