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photovoltaic-thermal panels

Enhancing photovoltaic-thermal module performance with Tesla valves

Scientists in China have demonstrated a photovoltaic-thermal system that utilizes Tesla valves to increase cooling and efficiency. The system was found to have better performance compared to PVT systems made with several different cross-sectional structures.

Sunmaxx PVT opens 50 MW PV-thermal module factory in Germany

Sunmaxx PVT, a photovoltaic-thermal (PVT) solar module specialist, has built an automated 50 MW module factory near Dresden, Germany.

French startup offers solar aerothermal system for space heating

Solar Brother, a French startup, has developed a solar aerothermal system for space heating. The system incorporates a PV panel, an aerothermal heat pump module, and cassette filtration, enabling homeowners to save on heating.


Thermoelectric generators with PVT energy, nanofluids

An Austrialian-Iranian research team has developed a thermoelectric generator incorporating photovoltaic-thermal panels and nanofluids for cooling.


Using waste heat from PV panels to generate residential hot water

Scientists in the United States has developed a new photovoltaic-thermal system design that utilizes parallel water pipes as a cooling system to reduce the operating temperature of photovoltaic panels. The waste heat generated by this process is then used to generate domestic hot water.


New design parameters for photovoltaic-thermal air collectors

A UK-based research team has developed a new design technique for photovoltaic-thermal air collectors. The new parameters reportedly enable devices with lower PV module temperatures and higher efficiencies.

U.S. university deploys high density solar thermal system

US-based Creighton University has equipped a new student residence with solar heat collectors generating an annual peak capacity of 69.9 kW thermal energy. The VirtuHOT HD system, conceived for rooftop applications, includes an absorber plate, a borosilicate glass tube, and an integrated mounting system.


PVT-driven geothermal heat pump system for greenhouses

South Korea’s Rural Development Administration has created an energy system for greenhouses that combines photovoltaic-thermal (PVT) panels with a ground-source heat pump. It is said to compensate, via the PVT panels, the typical shortcomings of geothermal energy and to be able to reduce heating and cooling costs in greenhouses by up to 78%.

Sunmaxx builds 50 MW PV-thermal solar module factory in Germany

Sunmaxx PVT, a photovoltaic-thermal solar module specialist, has started building an automated 50 MW module factory near Dresden, Germany.


Photovoltaic-thermal panel based on twisted absorber tubes, nanoparticle-enhanced PCM

Developed by scientists in Malaysia, the new PVT system is based on a nanoparticle-enhanced phase change material (Nano-PCM) and twisted absorber tubes. The system consists of a 30 W photovoltaic module, absorber tubes attached to the back of the panel via enhanced silicone glue bond, and a PCM container surrounding the tubes.

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