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French consortium unveils multi-functional solar roofing solution

A French consortium has developed a roofing solution that integrates solar, storage, rainwater management, and the protection of vegetation. The group says plants under the PV modules can increase solar power generation by more than 10%.

French startup offers new solution for green solar rooftops

Vegetek has developed a “biosolar” roof solution for new and existing buildings. It combines the benefits of greenery and solar panels.


French startup offers AI algorithm package for rooftop PV monitoring

France-based Heliocity has developed HelioFlash, a series of artificial intelligence algorithms that assess PV systems on buildings, while offering recommendations to improve operations.

France’s Profils Systèmes unveils new solar veranda

Profils Systèmes, a French aluminum carpentry specialist, has developed Wallis&Energy, a new solar veranda that is designed to integrate seamlessly into existing buildings and new structures.

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