Hanwha SolarOne equips 5 MWp PV park in India

18. June 2013 | Applications & Installations, Global PV markets, Industry & Suppliers, Markets & Trends | By:  Wenjing Feng

Korean module provider Hanwha SolarOne has provided more than 20,000 modules to equip construction of a PV park project in southeastern India.

Hanwha SolarOne modules shipping

Employing 21,120 Hanwha Solar modules, the new PV park in Kadiri, India, will generate some 8.4 million kWh per year.

Hanwha SolarOne has partnered with Germany's AIC Project GmbH and its joint verture AIC Solar Projects (AICSP) to realize a PV park located in Kadiri, India, some 160 kilometers northeast of Bangalore and covering an area of 20 acres.

Hanwha supported the project with 21,120 Hanwha Solar modules. AIC Project and AICSP carried out the construction of the facility on behalf of Indian global IT services company ValueLabs LLP, completing it in 12 weeks' time.

Commenting on the project, Maeng Yoon Kim, managing director at Hanwha SolarOne GmbH in Munich, said: "The realization of the PV park in Kadiri has been a truly international project, demonstrating the increasingly global nature of the PV market. Emerging markets represent huge potential, but also new challenges."

The plant, which is expected to generate 8.4 million kWh per year, has been connected to the grid.

In addition to the solar project in India, Hanwha also supported AIC Project with more than 38,000 modules to develop three solar parks with a combined capacity of 9MWp in Germany in March.

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