Spanish associations still struggling with government over FITs


According to Javier Anta, president of the Spanish Photovoltaics Industry Association (ASIF), the ministry asserted that they will still uphold the Real Decreto 1587/2008 but in October, the feed-in tariffs for open space installations will be decreased by 45 percent, for rooftop installations by 25 percent and small rooftop installations by five percent.

The photovoltaics associations – ?Asociación de Productores de Energías Renovables (APPA) and Asociación de Empresas Fotovoltaicas (AEF) – together with ASIF stated that they were unwilling to accept these cuts and proposed that the ministry at least withdraws the planned cuts for micro installations (roof top installations). The ministry countered that the contingent for such installations would be bailed out and for this reason the planned cuts are reasonable.

Watch out for pv magazine’s interview tomorrow with Javier Anta.