SunPower completes 1MW solar power system for Yolo County, the U.S.


Installed at the Yolo County Justice Campus in Woodland, Yolo County, the system was completed six weeks ahead of schedule and is expected save over 2.2 million pounds of carbon dioxide emissions each year.

"With the funding we secured as a result of the 2009 federal stimulus bill and the California Energy Commission loan, Yolo County has no out-of-pocket expenses to build this project, and will be net cash flow positive from the first day of the system’s operation," said Yolo County Board of Supervisors chairwoman Helen M. Thomson.

"Savings over the next 25 years are estimated to be about USD$8.8 million, directly benefiting Yolo County residents and businesses. State and federal funding has helped make solar power an easy, affordable means to reduce county operational costs as well as our dependence on fossil fuels."

Bill Kelly, managing director at SunPower added:"This may be the first solar project to make use of the federal stimulus legislation’s clean energy renewable bonds, established last year, and among the first large-scale solar projects to be funded by a California Energy Commission loan. Yolo County is using the federal and state funding to save money, create jobs and produce clean energy for years to come."