Solarmer achieves 8.13 percent OPV efficiency


The company says it has now broken the efficiency record for the fourth consecutive time in last two years. Last year alone, it produced three certified world records – 6.8 percent, 7.6 percent and 7.9 percent.

OPV panels are flexible and light weight, and are able to generate low cost clean energy from the sun. Attractive and customizable, this cutting-edge technology has the potential to drive energy production costs down to 12-15 cents/kWh and much less than USD$1/W, explains Solarmer.

This new world record is made possible through the efforts of the research and development team, led by Dr. Jianhui Hou, director of research, who developed new polymers for higher efficiency, adds the company. Dr. Yue Wu, managing director commented: “The team has done it again. This is an important milestone for our company, and it gives us confidence that we are on the right path to OPV commercialization. Going beyond eight percent – a psychological barrier for the OPV industry – is an important step forward for both Solarmer and the solar energy industry”

Woolas Hsieh, president of the company added: “This confirms OPV technology is on the right course to become a cost effective and competitive technology. We are very proud to be the first company to surpass this eight percent barrier. We would like to expand our partnership with other companies, who have expertise in production technology, packaging, and other areas, to bring OPVs to the market. Our next target is to reach 10 percent efficiency by the end of 2011.”