Italy: Scatec Solar and Norsk Solkraft to build 7 MW PV plant


According to the companies, construction is scheduled to begin this month, and should be completed by next spring. It is expected to provide electricity to cover the consumption of 2,600 Italian households. ?

They add that Norsk Solkraft has already secured all the necessary permits to build and grid connect the park, while Scatec Solar has said it will provide the financing in addition to designing, planning and building the park.

According to the agreement, Scatec Solar will own 51 percent and Norsk Solkraft 49 percent of the completed plant.

Raymond Carlsen, CEO of Scatec Solar commented: “Italia has very good solar irradiation levels and electricity produced by traditional sources is fairly expensive. This combination makes solar energy competitive both from a financial and environmental perspective. Through this agreement with Norsk Solkraft we will be able to build on the strengths of both our companies and mutually benefit.”

Norsk Solkraft has previously completed a 3.3 MW PV plant in Italy in a joint project with Norwegian electricity provider, Statkraft. Furthermore, Scatec Solar is expected to complete more than 40 MW in 2010.