Spanish FIT reductions come later


The Spanish Ministry of Industry announced the new time frame along with the notification of the latest approvals for new solar power plants. These tender procedures take place every four months. Spain allowed licenses for the realisation of new power plants in 2010 totalling 481 megawatts (MWs) of capacity. In 2009, the government licensed 503 MWs. More than half of the approvals are linked to roof-top-installations.

For the next tender procedure, which will take place in first quarter 2011, the existing FITs will fall around 2.5 percent. In the second quarter, the recently admitted reduction for new PV installations between five and 45 percent will come into effect. Until then, the FITs for small rooftop-installation shall be 29.79 Euro cents per kilowatt-hour, for rooftop-plants beyond 20 kilowatts 20.9 Euro cents per kWh, and for ground-mounted installations 13.8 Euro Cents per kWh.

An announcement was made by the ministry yesterday that 4,354 applications were submitted for approval, or registration, in the fourth quarter, with the previous nine months seeing approvals given to 2,675 solar developers. Spain approved 919 developers to construct 121 MWs of new PV power plants that will fall under government consumer subsidies as well. The government is accepting one of every five bids in a bid to slow down solar power’s growth rate according to reports.