China: CNPV inaugurates 7 MW PV project


A part of China’s National Golden Sun Demonstration Project, the seven megawatt (MW) plant was designed, developed and implemented by the Chinese company, reportedly in order to fully demonstrate the real life capability of solar power generation.

An estimated $25 million was invested into the project, which is expected to produce enough electricity for 8,000 homes. The aim is to highlight both the Shandong Province and the City of Dongying as green energy production leaders.

The inauguration, held on December 29, was presided over by Li Jinkun, Deputy Mayor of Dongying City. Alongside him were other senior provincial and city government officials who have also provided support from the point of conception.

Upon handing over the solar power project to the Chinese nation, he commented: “This project has a striking impact for our country; not only will we reap the environmental benefits, but also the commercial advantages. Our support for future projects is assured, as we develop and promote green energy for our nation and region. I applaud our collective efforts on this positive progress.”

Zhang Shunfu CEO & B. Veerraju Chaudary COO, CTO & Member of the Board of CNPV additionally stated: “We applaud the decisive steps taken by China’s central government and local government to support sustainable energy development and establish a greener economy in China. With closer cooperation between strategic energy investors, power developers and solution providers, we are confident that solar energy will become increasingly cost effective and achieve grid parity in many locations over the next few years.”