TSMC and Centrosolar sign deal


This deal makes Centrosolar the exclusive European manufacturer of crystalline solar modules for TSMC. The agreement stipulates that Centrosolar will supply TSMC the initial module capacity of 100 megawatts per year with TSMC’s solar cells. Centrosolar will develop the capacity required for this agreement in a new production facility adjacent to its plant in Wismar, Germany. An additional 300 jobs are expected to be created with the expansion of the Wismar facility. The first deliveries are due in the third quarter of this year.

"We are delighted to have this opportunity to work with Centrosolar and to offer a premium module as our first product, and we look forward to closer collaboration in the future," said Ying-Chen Chao, Senior Director in charge of TSMC’s solar PV business. "This agreement with Centrosolar complements our efforts in developing thin film solar products, as it allows us to address a broader range of market segments and serve our European customers together with another trusted name."

The companies are also discussing the possibility of further collaboration in the areas of product development and process engineering.