Greece grants license for CSP tower


The Crete CSP (concentrated solar power) plant will feature BrightSource Energy’s LPT 550 solar technology system and will produce electricity for approximately 13,000 homes and reduce carbon emissions by 35,000 tons annually.

"After careful consideration, we selected BrightSource’s LPT 550 energy system because of the technology’s superior performance, low impact environmental design and ability to be customized to Crete’s unique energy load profile," said Kevin Sara, founder and chief executive officer of Nur Energie. “When completed, this will be the largest tower installation and the most technologically advanced CSP plant in Europe.” For Nur Energie, this is the first CSP plant to be licensed within a portfolio of solar development activities, including large scale solar power plants in North Africa.

The developer Nur-MOH SA is a joint venture between Nur Energie, an independent power producer and developer active in the Mediterranean region, and Motor Oil Hellas (MOH) in Greece.