Ontario ranks high for PV


Ontario installed 143 megawatts (MWs) of PV systems in 2010. Of the total PV capacity in Ontario, 22 MWs has been installed under the microFIT program for small rooftop systems less than 10 kW. The remainder of capacity has been installed under the province’s Renewable Energy Standard Offer Program or RESOP, the forerunner of the current feed-in tariff and micoFIT programs.

New Jersey installed 110 MWs through the end of November 2010, and possibly as much as 125 MWs by year end. This would bring New Jersey’s total installed capacity to possibly 250 MWs DC of PV through the end of 2010. The only other competitor for the top slots, Colorado, installed 44 MWs in 2010, bringing its total installed PV capacity to 103 MWs.

According to IREC, Ontario was third in North American PV installations in 2009. Florida and Colorado were fourth and fifth respectively.

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