Wagner Solar UK offers help to Japan


Wagner Solar UK Ltd, the UK branch of German solar power and solar heating supplier Wagner & Co Solar Technology, stated that all new orders in April will contribute to this percentage. Managing Director Carsten Pump is quoted as saying, “It is heart breaking to see the suffering in Japan, especially the many hundreds of thousands of children who have lost their homes…..so we have chosen to offer this small contribution to World Vision as they are experienced with providing relief and recovery programmes to the long-term affected, namely the children.” Reports have stated that more than 100,000 children may have been displaced by this catastrophe.

Shigeki Komatsu, Director of the European Solar Division for Sanyo commented, “The devastation has been traumatizing for many of my colleagues in Japan, but fortunately Sanyo’s solar module operations have been unaffected by the disaster. It is important for the Japanese economy to get back onto its feet quickly so that the rebuilding efforts in the North-East region are not prolonged. All at Sanyo are extremely grateful to Wagner Solar UK and the positive impact of their contribution to the Japanese economy and more importantly, the support it will bring to the affected people.”