Conergy completes 2.2 MW solar park


The Hamburg-based company says the park, which is located in the north of Brandenburg, was completed in a record six weeks. Covering an area of more than 11 football fields, it is comprised of 27,300 photovoltaic modules.

Commenting, Harald Winter, general manager of the project engineering company Helonius said: "Snow, ice and extreme cold posed huge challenges. However, despite the extreme conditions, Conergy managed to finish the solar park due to their great commitment in record time."

Conergy project manager Lars Grönke added that the team had to use Bunsen burners to free the mounting systems from thick ice.

Meanwhile, Winter concluded by saying that Helonius and Conergy are planning to work together again in the future.

Last year, Conergy built two other solar parks in northern Germany in Hörup and Tarp (pictured).