Bosch to enter PV inverter business


According to today’s Frankfurter Rundschau, the Stuttgart-based company has plans to start manufacturing photovoltaic inverters "on a large-scale".

Bosch spokesperson, Andreas Kempf has confirmed that the company established a subsidiary in January – Bosch Powertec – which is concerned with inverters. However, he went on to say that both the markets Bosch will serve and product range it will offer are still uncertain.

The Frankfurter Rundscahu reported that Bosch has planned a fast market entry. Additionally, the media outlet said that the company wants to manufacture high quality products, but at the same time, undercut its competitors on price. It added that concrete investment decisions have not yet been met.

Bosch has been active in the photovoltaic market since 2008. Since then, it has either completely or partially taken over Ersol Solar Energy, Aleo Solar and Johanna Solar.

Around two months ago, the company opened its new photovoltaic center in Arnstadt, Germany. Located next to its solar module and cell production lines, are its photovoltaic research activities.

Bosch is also expanding its manufacturing activities in France and Malaysia. "With the production of inverters, Bosch will close the last gap in the value chain," commented Kempf.