MiaSolé increases efficiency and reduces cost


In April of this year, MiaSolé announced a consulting deal with chip manufacturer Intel in which the computer component manufacturer supplies 12 consultants to help it improve its manufacturing processes. If this most recent announcement is to be believed, it appears that the consulting is paying off.

In a statement announcing the progress in its production, CEO Joseph Laia sad that the potential of CIGS has been demonstrated by the companies gains. "As subsidies become less common, finding the sweet spot between performance and cost will be the critical factor in driving widespread adoption."

MiaSolé also cites CIGS’ three sources of potential cost reductions as being crucial in its competition with silicon-based photovoltaic manufacturers. Low-cost deposition, low capital expenditure and the reduced use of raw materials are areas where cost reduction can be achieved according to the company.

The scale of MiaSolé’s production is still very small by comparison to its silicon competitors, however, with only 55 megawatts (MW) having been shipped to date.

Laia has indidcated, in the statement, that MiaSolé won’t focus entirely on glass substrate applications, saying that in the future, "the advantages associated with the improved efficiency of our glass-on-glass products will extend to future flex products."

The December edition of pv magazine will include a feature article on the CIS/CIGS technology, market and manufacturers.