Siemens and Masdar Institute sign agreement


The two organisations will focus on exploring properties of solar panel coatings via joint testing and research activities. The investigations target examining the surfaces of solar panels that are regularly exposed to sand, dust and other forms of soiling. Under the R&D agreement, Siemens and Masdar Institute, will focus on developing coatings and soiling models for these modules. The findings of this cooperation aim towards the development of modules that utilise less water for cleaning than current high performance modules. Another target of these joint R&D efforts is to identify commercial applications for solar technology in the Middle East region.

"Both Siemens and Masdar Institute have been working independently on solar energy R&D in the past," said Martin Pfund, CEO of the Siemens Energy Photovoltaic business unit. "With the current agreement we are addressing the special challenges associated with deploying PV panels in the Middle East. Higher revenues gained with solar panels that become less soiled and cost less to clean are an important lever for making photovoltaic electricity competitive, especially in desert regions."