Solar purchasing group launches


Applying the "groupon" purchasing model to the photovoltaic materials space, SPG will offer pricing tiers on the materials purchased, where: "The higher the tier, the higher the discount the member company will receive." SPG will also offer further rebates if a group meets consumption commitments.

Groups will also be able to provide feedback on the materials, thereby aiding the standardization and certification process. This, hopes SPG, will help to increase efficiencies and reduce costs.

Member companies will be required to pay a US$5,000 "initiation and membership fee". The company has also mooted providing sponsorship programs and member events as the program develops.

SPG has opened offices in Germany, Hong Kong, Switzerland and the U.S., and the company invites companies to register interest via the company’s website.

The groupon model has been applied to photovoltaics in the consumer market by U.S. startup One Block Off the Grid (1BOG), which recently expanded to include a solar leasing component.