Germany: Gehrlicher begins construction on 35 MW PV park


The German solar company says the path was finally cleared for construction on the plant following the "complex" removal of munitions at the former military airport. "Now that this final hurdle has been cleared, there is nothing standing in the way of rapid progress in construction," says Gehrlicher.

The photovoltaic park will be built across an area of 87 hectares of land in Perleberg. It is scheduled for completion this June. Gehrlicher adds that of the 87 hectares, 62 will be covered with substructures, solar modules and inverters. The remaining 25 will be used to create habitats for meadow-breeding birds.

The park has already been sold to two investment funds of KGAL GmbH & Co.: InfraClass Energie 6, a closed-end fund open to the general public purchased the western part, while the eastern part was acquired by the European Sustainable Power Fund 2 for institutional investors, said Gehrlicher.

It added, "For a short period, the success of the project was called into question as the federal government’s plans to cut down feed in tariffs (FIT) for solar power systems caused a state of uncertainty. Thanks to the political support from the Perleberg region, the Federal State of Bavaria and Berlin, which was guided by a long-term view, it was possible to work out an appropriate transition period for ground-mounted projects on conversion areas and thereby the realization of this solar park."