Inventux lets 67 employees go


According to liquidator, Ralf Rattunde, the employment agency had previously refused to pre-finance the insolvency fund for the employees, which were already working part time hours before the silicon-based thin film photovoltaic module manufacturer filed for insolvency.

He added that the labor agency would only pre-finance the insolvency fund for 121 employees. Meanwhile, seven employees who worked abroad are not entitled to insolvency money, six were either on sick or maternity leave, and 12 had agreed on termination at the end of the month.

"The bad news is that we had to let 67 Inventux employees go after the negotiations with the labor agency," said Rattunde. "As long as there are no orders, we cannot re-start solar module production."

He added, "The good news is that for 121 employees with the labor agency, we could secure pre-financing of the insolvency fund soonest by the end of May and latest at the end of July. Starting in June, we can continue to operate with 201 employees."

Translated by Becky Beetz.