Centrotec sells its Centrosolar shares


The proceeds of the sale amount to €6.3 million and exceed the carrying amount of the investment, which is accounted for using the equity method of €4.6 million at June 20 this year. This book profit, together with a percentage of the first-half result of the Centrosolar investment that is allocable to Centrotec, will make a marginally negative overall contribution to earnings per share for the year as a whole, though Centrotec will receive liquid funds equivalent to the sales proceeds.

Centrotec underwent a restructuring in the fourth quarter of last year and this led to the winding up of various peripheral activities in the photovoltaic sector. Centrotec’s sole link to the sector was its interest in Centrosolar.

Centrotec will now focus on its core activities like heating, climate control, ventilation as well as solar thermal through its subsidiaries Wolf Heiztechnik, Brink Climate Systems and Ned Air.