SRU Solar and Parabel complete 29.1 MW PV park in Germany


Around €40 million was invested in the park, which is comprised of over 121,000 of Trina Solar’s polycrystalline photovoltaic modules and 1,400 inverters from Siemens and Danfoss. It was completed and grid connected by September 30. Enough energy is expected to be generated to supply around 7,500 four person households.

Located at the former Krughütte metallurgy works, the two companies, which both helped to plan and realize the plant, said that construction was not easy. "Besides differences in height of 80 to 100 metres, the hard and brittle rocks made the ramming and drilling work even more difficult," said SRU in a statement released.

"This was quite a challenge, which required extensive clean-up work prior to the actual construction," added CEO, Thomas Rakow. "But the solar farm makes it possible to combine the clean-up and the efficient use of an old industrial site in a meaningful way."