Photon Europe files for insolvency


Photon Europe GmbH has applied for insolvency with the Aachen District Court. Following this, the judge opened preliminary insolvency proceedings for Photon Europe’s assets.

According to the official announcement, attorney Andrè Seckler has been appointed provisional liquidator. He has been authorized to collect bank deposits and other receivables of the debtor, and accept incoming funds.

Just over a week ago, it was announced that the department of public prosecutions in Aachen, where Photon is based, had instigated preliminary proceedings against Photon Europe’s head for "delayed filing of insolvency and other offenses."

At the time, the public prosecutor’s office in Germany’s Aachen confirmed that it was investigating Photon Europe for the above-mentioned charges. The senior prosecutor Robert Deller would not provide any more details, however.

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Translated and edited by Becky Beetz.