Isofotón unveils employee reorganization plan


Isofotón has today announced three measures under a "social Plan" that will be made available to the employees located at its photovoltaic manufacturing facility in Malaga. While a spokesperson would not today comment on how many employees are to be affected, at the start of February, the number was said to be around 380.

Overall, the Spanish photovoltaic manufacturer has made three options available to its Spanish employees: (i) deferred re-employment within the company; (ii) changing from a full time to a "stable" part time contract; and (iii) a salary reduction. The spokesperson added that redundancies are currently not expected. Employees now have one month to negotiate with the Work’s Council.

The reorganization plan has come on the back of a need to realign Isofotón’s manufacturing capacity and staffing numbers in Spain with current demand. At the start of February, the spokesperson told pv magazine that while the factory has a nameplate manufacturing capacity of 230 MW, and was staffed to reflect this, it never reached full throttle. They could not say what capacity the factory was running at in 2012.

They did say that from 2010 to 2011, photovoltaic shipments to Spain fell from 16 to 12% and to Europe from 81 to 68%, while shipments to the rest of the world significantly grew from 3 to 20%. Final figures are not yet available for 2012, however they are expected to be along the same trajectory.

Also at the start of the year, 48% of Isofotón’s Malaga workforce were on strike over delayed salary payments. The spokesperson said that these issues were soon resolved.

The aforementioned staff and capacity reorganization has been undertaken in Spain to correct imbalances. However, Isofotón’s international business is said to be "solid, solvent and profitable." See related news below to read about Isofotón’s internationalization plans.