MP-Tec opens shop in Ghana


Brandenburg-based solar system integrator MP-Tec GmbH & Co. KG is expanding its international operations with a joint venture in Ghana.

The company is launching MP-Tec Solar Ghana Ltd. with local investors. MP-Tec CEO Michael Preissel will also oversee the Ghana affiliate.

MP-Tec is also opening an office with an adjacent warehouse complex in the Ghanaian capital of Accra. Alongside branches in Poland and the Philippines, the regional office in the West African country now marks MP-Tec’s third international spin-off.

The new operation will focus on commercially viable products such as back-up systems, solar pumps, solar lamps and stand-alone systems. “We have very good knowledge of the market’s requirements and a product range which offers the right solutions for acute issues such as power outages and a lack of electrification in rural areas,” says Preissel.

In 2005, MP-Tec installed photovoltaic systems and trained local tradesmen in Ghana as part of a German Investment and Development Corporation project.

Patrik Fischer, MP-Tec’s director of international sales, said the country’s political stability, booming and affluent middle class and the relative high price of electricity made the Ghanaian market environment more attractive than ever.

Fischer added that momentum is likely to increase with the implementation of the country’s new renewable energy law. Acute shortages of electricity with frequent outages have prompted the government to act — feed-in tariffs are expected to be published shortly.

The initiative aims to ensure universal supply coverage and increase the share of renewables in the energy mix to 10% by 2020. Due to the excellent solar irradiation values in Ghana, however, the country has already nearly reached electricity price parity, Fischer added.