Bosch modules continue to be produced


The production at Bosch Solar is apparently running at full speed. The production will now continue at the Arnstadt plant until mid-December, and has been continually extended, IG Metall trade unionist Pierre Audehm told the newspaper "Südthüringer Zeitung". Bosch officially announced its withdrawal from the crystalline photovoltaic business by the end of this year. The search for investors is ongoing.

IG Metall, the German industrial union of metal workers, and the photovoltaic manufacturer’s works council have repeatedly appealed to German Chancellor Angela Merkel. She has been asked to aid in the preservation of around 3,000 jobs that are at risk. Earlier this week, there was a meeting with Merkel and Thuringian State Minister Christine Lieberknecht.

The works council gave their demands and proposals to help secure the jobs in Arnstadt after Bosch’s exit from the solar business, said IG Metall. Additionally there was a lengthy preliminary discussion with the Thuringia Head of State Marion Walsmann, and the CDU (Christian Democratic Union) Secretary General Hermann Gröhe. Both Merkel and Lieberknecht have pledged their support.

Translated by Shamsiah Ali-Oettinger