Fraunhofer ISE: Minimal deviation in module quality measurements globally


Fraunhofer ISE initiated the round robin tests that took a look at the different measurement procedures and methods for PV modules with the focus on comparability. The institute compared their results with three PV module test labs: NREL in the U.S., AIST in Japan and the JRC/ESTI of the European Commission in Ispra, Italy. The results show that the measurement precision in the four laboratories was comparable and deviated only ±1% from the mean. This is despite the fact that the four laboratories use differing measurement techniques and tools.

This is good news to international investors in the PV realm as it provides quality assurance according to Fraunhofer ISE. "In spite of the different techniques and equipment, all four laboratories demonstrate measurements with a high precision with a deviation of ±1% from the mean. We are well on our way towards being able to provide comparable measurements worldwide," stated Daniela Dirnberger, Team Leader at Fraunhofer ISE and initiator of the project.