New 6.5 MW PV plant enters service in Romania


Romania welcomed more clean capacity to its grid this week when Rome-based Enel Green Power connected its 6.5 MW Colibasi PV plant.

The plant is located in Giurgiu county in the south-east of the country, and is expected to generate approximately eight million kWh of power per year – enough to provide clean energy for 7,000 Romanian households and reduce carbon emissions in the region by as much as 4,000 tonnes every 12 months.

The Colibasi plant is the third solar installation in Romania from Enel Green Power, who now have 26 MW of solar capacity in the country. The other two PV plants under their ownership are Berceni 1 and Berceni 2.

However, the company has some way to go until its solar output matches the 498 MW wind capacity they currently boast in Romania.

According to a recent IHS report, Romania is considered one of the fastest-growing solar market within Europe, adding 175.5 MW of solar power in the first half of 2013 and on course to install 2.7 GW over the coming few years.