Uruguay receives 11 bids for PV projects totaling 27 MW


Uruguay’s government-owned power company, the National Administration of Power Plants and Electrical Transmissions (UTE), has received 11 project proposals totaling 26.95 MW in projects of 1 and 5 MW.

UTE said the call complimented Uruguay’s 200 MW solar program, which ran from May to September. In line with the country’s renewable energy goals, the latest request for proposal is part of its effort to foster alternative energy generation and diversify the national energy matrix.

UTE last week opened the tender for the sale of small solar PV installations of less than 1 and 5 MW and is now reviewing offers from 11 unnamed companies, including international firms. The rates offered in the bids varied between $93.50 and $160.13 per megawatt hour.

According to Uruguay’s renewable energy law, UTE will purchase PV-generated electricity for 25 years and through different modalities, including requests for proposals for developers looking to install two types of small solar parks (either 1 MW or less or 5 MW or less) and a fixed price for companies with larger projects ranging between 30 and 50 MW.

In May, the Uruguayan government approved a law allowing the purchase of 200 MW at a maximum price of $91.50 per megawatt hour for plants of between 5 and 50 MW. The law also calls for an additional 6 MW from smaller plants.