Powerway lays foundation for 3 MW Chilean farm


Chinese group Powerway Renewable Energy has boarded the 3 MW Esperanza ground-mounted project in Chile’s Atacama Region.

Powerway joins Chilean solar developer RTS Energia (RTS Energy) on the project, located in the town of El Salvador.

The solar farm will employ 23,040 micromorph panels that will feed electricity to SIC, Chile’s main power grid. The project utilized 6,300 PV Powerway ground screws for the ground-mounted system.

Powerway said the project benefits from the strong grounds screw foundation, specially designed for the hard land of Andean environment.

The solar farm is expected to go online this year.

Powerway boarded the Chilean project following work on a 94.5 MW solar farm in South Africa and a 30 MW project in Thailand.

Powerway CEO Benson Wu said, "The Chilean solar industry is developing incredibly well, with some of the best radiation conditions in the world. The entire PV market is attractive, with some of the fastest growing consumer demand in the region and active public awareness."

Powerway is eager to make further inroads into Chile and throughout Latin America and is working with RTS Energy representation to expand operations in the country.

"As a result of this, Powerway will actively expand the whole South American market, from Chile to Brazil, Coast Rica to Argentina, Powerway is confident of promoting their brand in South America," Wu added.

Headquartered in Guangdong Province, China, Powerway operates subsidiary companies in Japan and South Africa. The group’s core business includes electrical design, structural design, product supply, construction services, installation and operation and maintenance.

To date, Powerway has provided more than 1.2 GW of solar power products and construction services in more than 21 countries and regions.